Lingerie Shopping 101 for Men


Updated December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas, gentlemen. You are about to be endowed with (or reminded of) expertise in the fine art of lingerie shopping. Wherever you may fall on our list, we've got ideas for you....


You’ve only just met. You're newly dating and a little unsure. You certainly haven't seen her in everything she owns. Your best bet is the gift certificate. That way you can enjoy a beer around the corner at the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery after you've dropped her off to shop! Come in or give us a call. We'll wrap up a gift certificate in the perfect amount to suit you both.


You've gotten past third base, but you're not exactly sure of her sizes. Maybe she's a new mom and her body is changing in all the right ways. In this case, we suggest one of our beautiful chemises. They're deliciously form fitting, but also have a gentle flow to them that allow for a range of body types. We've also got many other matched sets that come in a very simple range of Small, Medium, and Large. Everybody likes hot sets, after all! You can even pair it with some sparkly jewelry, which works great on any size.

Suggestions: Samantha Chang Lace Slip, Hanro Silk/Wool Sleepwear, Gems by Ginny Crystal Earrings


You’ve seen something in our shop or online, and you know it's the piece that you want to see on her. And, you've had the foresight to take notice of her exact bra and panty sizes without getting caught. We have exquisite bra and panty sets from some of the best in European and American lingerie.

Suggestions: Anything from LOU-Paris, Marlys Dekkers pinstripes, Aubade Black/Nude Lace collection.

Regardless of your level of expertise, we'll be here to help you pick out the most perfect piece for your most perfect lady. We promise. And if you find that you just can't decide what to bring home from Santa, drop them both on the floor and see which one looks better there.

Because that's where they're going to end up...